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Research Staff
KUROKI, Hidemitsu (Leader)  Professor
Research interests:Area Studies of the Middle East/ Modern History of the Arab East

IIZUKA, Masato Professor
Research interests:Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies

ODA, Jun’ichi Professor
Research interests:Bibliometrics

KONDO, Nobuaki Professor
Research interests:History of Modern Iran

TOKORO, Ikuya Professor
Research interests:Anthropology of South-East Asian Islanders

KARIYA, Kota Associate Professor
Research interests:West African Area Studies

TAKAMATSU, Yoichi Associate Professor
Research interests:Ottoman history, diplomatics, archival science

NISHIKIDA, Aiko Associate Professor
Research interests:Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Middle-Eastern Area Studies, Refugee Studies

NODA, Jin Associate Professor
Research interests:

Research Associates
KONDO, Yohei Research Associate
Research interests:History of Religion, Islamic Studies, Ibadism

TSUBOI, Yuji Research Associate
Research interests:Southeast Asian History (History of British Malaya)

OSOEGAWA, Taku Research Associate (2014.05-2016.03 / 2010.11 – 2013.10)
Research interests:Political Science, Contemporary Lebanese and Syrian Studies

FUKUSHIMA, Yasuhiro Research Associate (2011.05 – 2014.04)
Research interests:Islamic Finance, Malaysian Studies

FUJINAMI, Nobuyoshi Research Associate (2013.04 – 2014.03)
Research interests:Modern Ottoman History

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